ShellItemEnumerator Member List

This is the complete list of members for ShellItemEnumerator, including all inherited members.
_pSIfacePtr< IEnumIDList > [protected]
CreateInstance(REFIID clsid, REFIID riid)SIfacePtr< IEnumIDList > [inline]
empty() constSIfacePtr< IEnumIDList > [inline]
Free()SIfacePtr< IEnumIDList > [inline]
get()SIfacePtr< IEnumIDList > [inline]
operator IEnumIDList *()SIfacePtr< IEnumIDList > [inline]
operator&()SIfacePtr< IEnumIDList > [inline]
operator->()SIfacePtr< IEnumIDList > [inline]
operator->() constSIfacePtr< IEnumIDList > [inline]
operator=(IEnumIDList *p)SIfacePtr< IEnumIDList > [inline]
operator=(SIfacePtr const &o)SIfacePtr< IEnumIDList > [inline]
QueryInterface(REFIID riid, I *p)SIfacePtr< IEnumIDList > [inline]
ShellItemEnumerator(IShellFolder *folder, DWORD flags=SHCONTF_FOLDERS|SHCONTF_NONFOLDERS|SHCONTF_INCLUDEHIDDEN)ShellItemEnumerator [inline]
SIfacePtr()SIfacePtr< IEnumIDList > [inline]
SIfacePtr(IEnumIDList *p)SIfacePtr< IEnumIDList > [inline]
SIfacePtr(IUnknown *unknown, REFIID riid)SIfacePtr< IEnumIDList > [inline]
SIfacePtr(const SIfacePtr &o)SIfacePtr< IEnumIDList > [inline, protected]
~SIfacePtr()SIfacePtr< IEnumIDList > [inline]

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