File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
desktop.cpp [code]
desktop.h [code]
desktopbar.cpp [code]
desktopbar.h [code]
dragdropimpl.cpp [code]
dragdropimpl.h [code]
entries.cpp [code]
entries.h [code]
explorer.cpp [code]
explorer.h [code]
externals.h [code]
fatfs.cpp [code]
fatfs.h [code]
favorites.cpp [code]
favorites.h [code]
filechild.cpp [code]
filechild.h [code]
globals.h [code]
i386-stub-win32.c [code]
mainframe.cpp [code]
mainframe.h [code]
ntobjfs.cpp [code]
ntobjfs.h [code]
pane.cpp [code]
pane.h [code]
precomp.cpp [code]
precomp.h [code]
quicklaunch.cpp [code]
quicklaunch.h [code]
regfs.cpp [code]
regfs.h [code]
resource.h [code]
searchprogram.cpp [code]
searchprogram.h [code]
settings.cpp [code]
settings.h [code]
shellbrowser.cpp [code]
shellbrowser.h [code]
shellbrowserimpl.cpp [code]
shellbrowserimpl.h [code]
shellclasses.cpp [code]
shellclasses.h [code]
shellfs.cpp [code]
shellfs.h [code]
shelltests.cpp [code]
splitpath.c [code]
startmenu.cpp [code]
startmenu.h [code]
taskbar.cpp [code]
taskbar.h [code]
traynotify.cpp [code]
traynotify.h [code]
treedroptarget.h [code]
unixfs.cpp [code]
unixfs.h [code]
utility.cpp [code]
utility.h [code]
webchild.cpp [code]
webchild.h [code]
window.cpp [code]
window.h [code]
winfs.cpp [code]
winfs.h [code]
xmlstorage.cpp [code]XMLStorage implementation file
xmlstorage.h [code]XMLStorage header file
xs-native.cpp [code]Native internal XMLStorage parser

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