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mysqlpl.cpp File Reference

#include "mysqlpl.h"
#include <sstream>
#include <assert.h>
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namespace  MySqlPL


#define _NO_COMMENT
#define _snprintf   snprintf
#define sscanf_s   sscanf
#define _strupr_s(n, l)   _strupr(n)


void _strupr (char *s)
static const char * MySqlPL::next_bind_variable (const char *p)

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#define _NO_COMMENT

Definition at line 37 of file mysqlpl.cpp.

#define _snprintf   snprintf

Definition at line 56 of file mysqlpl.cpp.

#define _strupr_s (   n,
)    _strupr(n)

Definition at line 68 of file mysqlpl.cpp.

Referenced by MySqlPL::SqlRecord::find_column().

#define sscanf_s   sscanf

Definition at line 67 of file mysqlpl.cpp.

Function Documentation

void _strupr ( char *  s ) [inline]

Definition at line 58 of file mysqlpl.cpp.

    for(; *s; ++s)
        *s = toupper(*s);