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Data Fields

Entry entry
void * pVersionData

Detailed Description

Definition at line 203 of file dialogs.c.

Field Documentation

TCHAR PropertiesDialog::path[MAX_PATH]

Definition at line 204 of file dialogs.c.

Referenced by extract_icon(), fill_w32fdata_shell(), get_to_absolute_pidl(), PropertiesDialogDlgProc(), and show_properties_dlg().

Entry PropertiesDialog::entry

Definition at line 205 of file dialogs.c.

Referenced by alloc_entry(), find_entry_shell(), free_entries(), get_path(), PropertiesDialogDlgProc(), read_directory(), read_directory_shell(), read_tree_shell(), show_properties_dlg(), and SortDirectory().

void* PropertiesDialog::pVersionData

Definition at line 206 of file dialogs.c.

Referenced by CheckForFileInfo(), and PropertiesDialogDlgProc().

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