shelltests.cpp File Reference

#include "utility.h"
#include "shellclasses.h"
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int main ()

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int main (  )

Definition at line 78 of file shelltests.cpp.

References GetDesktopFolder(), HWND, FolderBrowser::IsOK(), and TEXT.

     // initialize COM
    ComInit usingCOM;

    HWND hwnd = 0;

    try {

         // example for retrieval of special folder paths

        SpecialFolderFSPath programs(CSIDL_PROGRAM_FILES, hwnd);
        SpecialFolderFSPath autostart(CSIDL_STARTUP, hwnd);

        cout << "program files path = " << (LPCTSTR)programs << endl;
        cout << "autostart folder path = " << (LPCTSTR)autostart << endl;

        cout << endl;

         // example for enumerating shell namespace objects

        cout << "Desktop:\n";
        cout << endl;

        cout << "C:\\\n";
        cout << endl;

         // example for calling a browser dialog for the whole desktop

        FolderBrowser desktop_browser(hwnd,
                                      TEXT("Please select the path:"));

        if (desktop_browser.IsOK())
            MessageBox(hwnd, desktop_browser, TEXT("Your selected path"), MB_OK);

         // example for calling a rooted browser dialog

        ShellPath browseRoot("C:\\");
        FolderBrowser rooted_browser(hwnd,
                                     TEXT("Please select the path:"),

        if (rooted_browser.IsOK())
            MessageBox(hwnd, rooted_browser, TEXT("Your selected path"), MB_OK);

    } catch(COMException& e) {

        //HandleException(e, hwnd);
        cerr << e.ErrorMessage() << endl;


    return 0;

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