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Bookmark Struct Reference

#include <favorites.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Bookmark ()
bool read_url (LPCTSTR path)
 read .URL file
bool read (const_XMLPos &pos)
void write (XMLPos &pos) const

Public Attributes

String _name
String _description
String _url
String _icon_path
int _icon_idx

Detailed Description

Definition at line 32 of file favorites.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Bookmark::Bookmark (  ) [inline]

Definition at line 34 of file favorites.h.

: _icon_idx(0) {}

Member Function Documentation

bool Bookmark::read ( const_XMLPos &  pos )
bool Bookmark::read_url ( LPCTSTR  path )

read .URL file

Definition at line 54 of file favorites.cpp.

References _icon_path, _url, BUFFER_LEN, and DecodeURLString().

Referenced by BookmarkList::import_IE_favorites().

    char line[BUFFER_LEN];

    tifstream in(path);

    while(in.good()) {
        in.getline(line, BUFFER_LEN);

        const char* p = line;

        const char* keyword = p;
        const char* eq = strchr(p, '=');

        if (eq) {
            const char* cont = eq + 1;

            if (!_strnicmp(keyword, "URL", 3))
                _url = DecodeURLString(cont);
            else if (!_strnicmp(keyword, "IconFile", 8))
                _icon_path = DecodeURLString(cont);

    return true;

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void Bookmark::write ( XMLPos &  pos ) const

Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 37 of file favorites.h.

Referenced by FavoritesMenu::AddEntries(), and MainFrameBase::Notify().

Definition at line 40 of file favorites.h.

Referenced by FavoritesMenu::AddEntries(), and BookmarkList::fill_tree().

Definition at line 39 of file favorites.h.

Referenced by FavoritesMenu::AddEntries(), BookmarkList::fill_tree(), and read_url().

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