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ShellBrowserChildT< BASE > Struct Template Reference

#include <shellbrowser.h>

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Public Types

typedef BASE super

Public Member Functions

 ShellBrowserChildT (HWND hwnd)
 ShellBrowserChildT (HWND hwnd, const ShellChildWndInfo &info)

Protected Member Functions

LRESULT WndProc (UINT nmsg, WPARAM wparam, LPARAM lparam)
int Notify (int id, NMHDR *pnmh)

Protected Attributes

auto_ptr< ShellBrowser_shellBrowser

Detailed Description

template<typename BASE>
struct ShellBrowserChildT< BASE >

Definition at line 193 of file shellbrowser.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

template<typename BASE>
typedef BASE ShellBrowserChildT< BASE >::super

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<typename BASE>
ShellBrowserChildT< BASE >::ShellBrowserChildT ( HWND  hwnd ) [inline]

Definition at line 199 of file shellbrowser.h.

     :  super(hwnd)
template<typename BASE>
ShellBrowserChildT< BASE >::ShellBrowserChildT ( HWND  hwnd,
const ShellChildWndInfo info 
) [inline]

Definition at line 205 of file shellbrowser.h.

     :  super(hwnd, info)

Member Function Documentation

template<typename BASE>
int ShellBrowserChildT< BASE >::Notify ( int  id,
NMHDR *  pnmh 
) [inline, protected]

Definition at line 229 of file shellbrowser.h.

Referenced by ShellBrowserChildT< MainFrameBase >::Notify().

        if (_shellBrowser.get())
            switch(pnmh->code) {
              case TVN_GETDISPINFO:     _shellBrowser->OnTreeGetDispInfo(id, pnmh);                 break;
              case TVN_SELCHANGED:      _shellBrowser->OnTreeItemSelected(id, (LPNMTREEVIEW)pnmh);  break;
              case TVN_ITEMEXPANDING:   _shellBrowser->OnTreeItemExpanding(id, (LPNMTREEVIEW)pnmh); break;
              case NM_RCLICK:           _shellBrowser->OnTreeItemRClick(id, pnmh);                  break;
              default:                  return super::Notify(id, pnmh);
            return super::Notify(id, pnmh);

        return 0;

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template<typename BASE>
LRESULT ShellBrowserChildT< BASE >::WndProc ( UINT  nmsg,
WPARAM  wparam,
LPARAM  lparam 
) [inline, protected]

Reimplemented in SDIMainFrame, MDIShellBrowserChild, ExtContextMenuHandlerT< ShellBrowserChildT< MainFrameBase > >, and ExtContextMenuHandlerT< ShellBrowserChildT< ChildWindow > >.

Definition at line 213 of file shellbrowser.h.

Referenced by ShellBrowserChildT< MainFrameBase >::WndProc().

        switch(nmsg) {
            return (LRESULT)&*_shellBrowser;

          case WM_GETISHELLBROWSER: // for Registry Explorer Plugin
            return (LRESULT)static_cast<IShellBrowser*>(&*_shellBrowser);

            return super::WndProc(nmsg, wparam, lparam);

        return 0;

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Member Data Documentation

template<typename BASE>
auto_ptr<ShellBrowser> ShellBrowserChildT< BASE >::_shellBrowser [protected]

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