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window.cpp File Reference

#include <precomp.h>
#include "../resource.h"
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#define PSM_GETRESULT   (WM_USER + 135)
#define PropSheet_GetResult(hDlg)   SNDMSG(hDlg, PSM_GETRESULT, 0, 0)


void DrawGrayText (HDC hdc, LPRECT pRect, LPCTSTR title, int dt_flags)

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#define PropSheet_GetResult (   hDlg )    SNDMSG(hDlg, PSM_GETRESULT, 0, 0)

Definition at line 1315 of file window.cpp.

Referenced by PropertySheetDialog::DoModal().

#define PSM_GETRESULT   (WM_USER + 135)

Definition at line 1314 of file window.cpp.

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void DrawGrayText ( HDC  hdc,
LPRECT  pRect,
LPCTSTR  title,
int  dt_flags 

Definition at line 886 of file window.cpp.

Referenced by PictureButton::DrawItem().

    COLORREF gray = GetSysColor(COLOR_GRAYTEXT);

    if (gray) {
        TextColor lcColor(hdc, GetSysColor(COLOR_BTNHIGHLIGHT));
        RECT shadowRect = {pRect->left+1, pRect->top+1, pRect->right+1, pRect->bottom+1};
        DrawText(hdc, title, -1, &shadowRect, dt_flags);

        SetTextColor(hdc, gray);
        DrawText(hdc, title, -1, pRect, dt_flags);
    } else {
        int old_r = pRect->right;
        int old_b = pRect->bottom;

        DrawText(hdc, title, -1, pRect, dt_flags|DT_CALCRECT);

        int x = pRect->left + (old_r-pRect->right)/2;
        int y = pRect->top + (old_b-pRect->bottom)/2;
        int w = pRect->right-pRect->left;
        int h = pRect->bottom-pRect->top;
        s_MyDrawText_Rect.right = w;
        s_MyDrawText_Rect.bottom = h;

        GrayString(hdc, GetSysColorBrush(COLOR_GRAYTEXT), MyDrawText, (LPARAM)title, -1, x, y, w, h);

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