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BookmarkList Struct Reference

#include <favorites.h>

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void import_IE_favorites (struct ShellDirectory &dir, HWND hwnd)
 import Internet Explorer bookmarks from Favorites folder into bookmark list
void read (const_XMLPos &pos)
void write (XMLPos &pos) const
void fill_tree (HWND hwnd, HTREEITEM parent, HIMAGELIST, HDC hdc_wnd) const
 fill treeview control with bookmark tree content

Detailed Description

Definition at line 76 of file favorites.h.

Member Function Documentation

void BookmarkList::fill_tree ( HWND  hwnd,
HTREEITEM  parent,
HIMAGELIST  himagelist,
HDC  hdc_wnd 
) const

fill treeview control with bookmark tree content

Definition at line 327 of file favorites.cpp.

References BookmarkFolder::_bookmarks, ExplorerGlobals::_icon_cache, Bookmark::_icon_idx, Bookmark::_icon_path, Bookmark::_name, BookmarkFolder::_name, BookmarkNode::_pbookmark, BookmarkNode::_pfolder, BookmarkNode::_type, Icon::add_to_imagelist(), BookmarkNode::BMNT_BOOKMARK, BookmarkNode::BMNT_FOLDER, IconCache::extract(), fill_tree(), g_Globals, and ICID_NONE.

Referenced by fill_tree(), and MainFrameBase::FillBookmarks().


    tvi.hParent = parent;
    tvi.hInsertAfter = TVI_LAST;

    TV_ITEM& tv = tvi.item;

    for(const_iterator it=begin(); it!=end(); ++it) {
        const BookmarkNode& node = *it;

        tv.lParam = (LPARAM)&node;

        if (node._type == BookmarkNode::BMNT_FOLDER) {
            const BookmarkFolder& folder = *node._pfolder;

            tv.pszText = (LPTSTR)folder._name.c_str();
            tv.iImage = 3;          // folder
            tv.iSelectedImage = 4;  // open folder
            HTREEITEM hitem = TreeView_InsertItem(hwnd, &tvi);

            folder._bookmarks.fill_tree(hwnd, hitem, himagelist, hdc_wnd);
        } else if (node._type == BookmarkNode::BMNT_BOOKMARK) {
            const Bookmark& bookmark = *node._pbookmark;

            tv.pszText = (LPTSTR)bookmark._name.c_str();
            tv.iImage = 1;          // bookmark
            tv.iSelectedImage = 2;  // selected bookmark

            if (!bookmark._icon_path.empty()) {
                const Icon& icon = g_Globals._icon_cache.extract(bookmark._icon_path, bookmark._icon_idx);

                if ((ICON_ID)icon != ICID_NONE)
                    tv.iImage = tv.iSelectedImage = icon.add_to_imagelist(himagelist, hdc_wnd);

            (void)TreeView_InsertItem(hwnd, &tvi);

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Here is the caller graph for this function:

void BookmarkList::import_IE_favorites ( struct ShellDirectory dir,
HWND  hwnd 

import Internet Explorer bookmarks from Favorites folder into bookmark list

read shell links

Definition at line 372 of file favorites.cpp.

References BookmarkFolder::_bookmarks, Entry::_down, ShellDirectory::_folder, _MAX_EXT, Bookmark::_name, BookmarkFolder::_name, Entry::_next, _tcsicmp, _tsplitpath_s, COUNTOF, XMLStorage::DecodeXMLString(), ET_SHELL, ShellFolder::get_name(), GetDesktopFolder(), import_IE_favorites(), Bookmark::read_url(), SCAN_DONT_EXTRACT_ICONS, Entry::smart_scan(), SORT_NAME, and TEXT.

Referenced by Favorites::import_IE_favorites(), and import_IE_favorites().

    TCHAR path[MAX_PATH], ext[_MAX_EXT];


    for(Entry*entry=dir._down; entry; entry=entry->_next) {
        if (entry->_shell_attribs & SFGAO_HIDDEN)   // ignore files like "desktop.ini"

        String name;

        if (entry->_etype == ET_SHELL)
            name = dir._folder.get_name(static_cast<ShellEntry*>(entry)->_pidl);
            name = entry->_display_name;

        if (entry->_data.dwFileAttributes & FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DIRECTORY) {
            BookmarkFolder new_folder;

            new_folder._name = DecodeXMLString(name);

            if (entry->_etype == ET_SHELL) {
                ShellDirectory new_dir(dir._folder, static_cast<ShellEntry*>(entry)->_pidl, hwnd);
                new_folder._bookmarks.import_IE_favorites(new_dir, hwnd);
            } else {
                entry->get_path(path, COUNTOF(path));
                ShellDirectory new_dir(GetDesktopFolder(), path, hwnd);
                new_folder._bookmarks.import_IE_favorites(new_dir, hwnd);

        } else {
            Bookmark bookmark;

            bookmark._name = DecodeXMLString(name);

            entry->get_path(path, COUNTOF(path));
            _tsplitpath_s(path, NULL, 0, NULL, 0, NULL, 0, ext, COUNTOF(ext));

            if (!_tcsicmp(ext, TEXT(".url"))) {
            } else {
                ///@todo read shell links

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Here is the caller graph for this function:

void BookmarkList::read ( const_XMLPos &  pos )

Referenced by Favorites::read().

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void BookmarkList::write ( XMLPos &  pos ) const

Referenced by Favorites::write().

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