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PropertySheetDialog Struct Reference

Property Sheet dialog. More...

#include <window.h>

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Public Member Functions

 PropertySheetDialog (HWND owner)
void add (PropSheetPage &psp)
int DoModal (int start_page=0)
HWND GetCurrentPage ()

Protected Types

typedef vector< PROPSHEETPAGEVector

Protected Attributes

Vector _pages
HWND _hwnd

Detailed Description

Property Sheet dialog.

Definition at line 407 of file window.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef vector<PROPSHEETPAGE> PropertySheetDialog::Vector [protected]

Definition at line 417 of file window.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PropertySheetDialog::PropertySheetDialog ( HWND  owner )

Definition at line 1319 of file window.cpp.

References ExplorerGlobals::_hInstance, and g_Globals.

 :  _hwnd(0)
    PROPSHEETHEADER::hwndParent = owner;
    PROPSHEETHEADER::hInstance = g_Globals._hInstance;

Member Function Documentation

void PropertySheetDialog::add ( PropSheetPage psp )

Definition at line 1328 of file window.cpp.

References _pages.

Referenced by ExplorerPropertySheet().


Here is the caller graph for this function:

int PropertySheetDialog::DoModal ( int  start_page = 0 )

Definition at line 1333 of file window.cpp.

References _pages, Window::dispatch_dialog_msg(), HandleException(), HWND, Window::pretranslate_msg(), and PropSheet_GetResult.

Referenced by ExplorerPropertySheet().

    PROPSHEETHEADER::nPages = _pages.size();
    PROPSHEETHEADER::nStartPage = start_page;
    Window* pwnd = Window::create_property_sheet(this, WINDOW_CREATOR(PropertySheetDlg), NULL);
    if (!pwnd)
        return -1;

    HWND hwndPropSheet = *pwnd;
    int ret = PropertySheet(this);
    if (ret == -1)
        return -1;

    HWND hwndPropSheet = (HWND) ret;
    HWND hwndparent = GetParent(hwndPropSheet);

    if (hwndparent)
        EnableWindow(hwndparent, FALSE);

    ret = 0;
    MSG msg;

    while(GetMessage(&msg, 0, 0, 0)) {
        try {
            if (Window::pretranslate_msg(&msg))

            if (PropSheet_IsDialogMessage(hwndPropSheet, &msg))

            if (Window::dispatch_dialog_msg(&msg))


            try {
            } catch(COMException& e) {
                HandleException(e, 0);

            if (!PropSheet_GetCurrentPageHwnd(hwndPropSheet)) {
                ret = PropSheet_GetResult(hwndPropSheet);
        } catch(COMException& e) {
            HandleException(e, 0);

    if (hwndparent)
        EnableWindow(hwndparent, TRUE);


    return ret;

Here is the call graph for this function:

Here is the caller graph for this function:

HWND PropertySheetDialog::GetCurrentPage (  )

Definition at line 1394 of file window.cpp.

References _hwnd, and HWND.

    HWND hdlg = PropSheet_GetCurrentPageHwnd(_hwnd);
    return hdlg;

Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 419 of file window.h.

Referenced by GetCurrentPage().

Definition at line 418 of file window.h.

Referenced by add(), and DoModal().

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