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favorites.h File Reference

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struct  Bookmark
struct  BookmarkNode
struct  BookmarkList
struct  BookmarkFolder
struct  Favorites


String DecodeURLString (const char *s)

Function Documentation

String DecodeURLString ( const char *  s )

Definition at line 34 of file favorites.cpp.

References BUFFER_LEN.

Referenced by Bookmark::read_url().

    TCHAR buffer[BUFFER_LEN];
    LPTSTR o = buffer;

    for(const char* p=s; *p; ++p)
        if (*p == '%') {
            if (!strncmp(p+1, "20", 2)) {
                *o++ = ' ';
                p += 2;
            } else
                *o++ = *p;
        } else
            *o++ = *p;

    return String(buffer, o-buffer);

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