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FavoritesMenu Struct Reference

Bookmarks sub-startmenu. More...

#include <startmenu.h>

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Public Types

typedef StartMenu super

Public Member Functions

 FavoritesMenu (HWND hwnd, const StartMenuCreateInfo &create_info)

Protected Member Functions

virtual int Command (int id, int code)
virtual void AddEntries ()

Protected Attributes

BookmarkList _bookmarks
BookmarkMap _entries

Detailed Description

Bookmarks sub-startmenu.

Definition at line 459 of file startmenu.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

Reimplemented from StartMenu.

Definition at line 461 of file startmenu.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FavoritesMenu::FavoritesMenu ( HWND  hwnd,
const StartMenuCreateInfo create_info 
) [inline]

Definition at line 463 of file startmenu.h.

     :  super(hwnd, create_info),

Member Function Documentation

void FavoritesMenu::AddEntries (  ) [protected, virtual]

Reimplemented from StartMenu.

Definition at line 2243 of file startmenu.cpp.

References _bookmarks, StartMenu::_create_info, Bookmark::_description, _entries, StartMenuCreateInfo::_filter, ExplorerGlobals::_icon_cache, Bookmark::_icon_idx, Bookmark::_icon_path, Bookmark::_name, BookmarkFolder::_name, StartMenu::_next_id, BookmarkNode::_pbookmark, BookmarkNode::_pfolder, _tcsstr, BookmarkNode::_type, Bookmark::_url, StartMenu::AddButton(), StartMenu::AddEntries(), BookmarkNode::BMNT_BOOKMARK, BookmarkNode::BMNT_FOLDER, IconCache::extract(), g_Globals, ICID_BOOKMARK, ICID_FOLDER, ICID_NONE, and String::toLower().


    String lwr_filter = _create_info._filter;

    for(BookmarkList::iterator it=_bookmarks.begin(); it!=_bookmarks.end(); ++it) {
        BookmarkNode& node = *it;

        int id = ++_next_id;

        _entries[id] = node;

        if (node._type == BookmarkNode::BMNT_FOLDER) {
            BookmarkFolder& folder = *node._pfolder;

            AddButton(folder._name, ICID_FOLDER, true, id);
        } else if (node._type == BookmarkNode::BMNT_BOOKMARK) {
            Bookmark& bookmark = *node._pbookmark;

            ICON_ID icon = ICID_NONE;

            if (!bookmark._icon_path.empty())
                icon = g_Globals._icon_cache.extract(bookmark._icon_path, bookmark._icon_idx);

             // filter non-directory entries
            if (!lwr_filter.empty()) {
                String lwr_name = bookmark._name;
                String lwr_desc = bookmark._description;
                String lwr_url = bookmark._url;


                if (!_tcsstr(lwr_name,lwr_filter) && !_tcsstr(lwr_desc,lwr_filter) && !_tcsstr(lwr_url,lwr_filter))

            AddButton(bookmark._name, icon!=ICID_NONE?icon:ICID_BOOKMARK, false, id);

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int FavoritesMenu::Command ( int  id,
int  code 
) [protected, virtual]

Reimplemented from StartMenu.

Definition at line 2288 of file startmenu.cpp.

References BookmarkFolder::_bookmarks, _entries, WindowHandle::_hwnd, BookmarkFolder::_name, BookmarkNode::_pbookmark, BookmarkNode::_pfolder, BookmarkNode::_type, Bookmark::_url, BookmarkNode::BMNT_BOOKMARK, BookmarkNode::BMNT_FOLDER, StartMenu::CloseOtherSubmenus(), StartMenu::CloseStartMenu(), StartMenu::Command(), StartMenu::CreateSubmenu(), HWND, launch_file(), and STARTMENU_CREATOR.

    BookmarkMap::iterator found = _entries.find(id);

    if (found != _entries.end()) {
        BookmarkNode& node = found->second;

        if (node._type == BookmarkNode::BMNT_FOLDER) {
            BookmarkFolder& folder = *node._pfolder;

            if (CloseOtherSubmenus(id))
                CreateSubmenu(id, folder._name, STARTMENU_CREATOR(FavoritesMenu), &static_cast<BookmarkList&>(folder._bookmarks));
        } else if (node._type == BookmarkNode::BMNT_BOOKMARK) {
            Bookmark& bookmark = *node._pbookmark;

            String url = bookmark._url;
            HWND hparent = GetParent(_hwnd);


            launch_file(hparent, url, SW_SHOWNORMAL);

        return 0;

    return super::Command(id, code);

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Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 473 of file startmenu.h.

Referenced by AddEntries().

Reimplemented from StartMenu.

Definition at line 474 of file startmenu.h.

Referenced by AddEntries(), and Command().

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